Featured Software: Carbonite Online Backup

Why Are More People Using Carbonite?

  • Secure — Everything is encrypted before it leaves your computer.
  • Automatic — Runs quietly in the background to ensure your backup is up-to-date.
  • Unlimited — Back up as much data as you want to a remote and secure location.
  • Hassle-Free — Recover lost files anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks.

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Every year, 43% of computer users lose irreplaceable files. Even those who use on-site backup methods such as CDs, memory sticks and external hard drives are at risk. Fires, floods, theft and other disasters can render onsite backups useless. Carbonite Online Backup eliminates the risk of losing files by automatically backing up the irreplaceable photos, music, e-mails, financial records and other valuable files on your computer to a secure, offsite location. Carbonite takes less than 5 minutes to install and begins working right away to protect your most valuable files, continually updating your backup while you work — without slowing down your computer.

Why It’s Important To Use Online Backup For All Your Digital Files

online-backup-insightsAn online backup system comes highly recommendable for both business and personal use. If the files of any business are jeopardized beyond restoration then the business will suffer and lose a lot of money. Inevitable delays in transactions caused by lost computer files could turn off a lot of clients. To avoid such tragedies more and more businesses are utilizing online backup systems. The secured offsite backup assures businesses that all the computer files are safe and remain easily retrievable at any time.

This effective and convenient system to backup and store files is also suitable for home use. With all the family photos, videos, and personal documents stored in the computer, it just makes a lot of sense to utilize an online backup service. Definitely, all the files in the family computer will be safe, no matter what happens. There is no need to worry about computer crashes or virus. As long as everything is backed up online, every single photo, video, document is totally protected. The best part of of having an online backup service is that all the memories are preserved safely and securely. These can all be accessed anytime.

The safety and security of all the digital mementos are given equal attention as with other vital computer files and documents. There are more than enough photos stored in CDs which have been tragically washed away by unexpected floods or wedding videos accidentally deleted on other external devices. Unfortunately, these kinds of heartbreaking tales of lost memories could still happen unless security and protective measures are aptly used.

Keeping up with advancements and modernization is a task more than a challenge. People come up with ways to preserve memories suitable for the ever changing times. The availability and affordability of online backup service plans is a shining example of how people are presented with innovative options to make life easier and to keep treasured memories intact.

According to one of the more knowledgeable and informative websites on online backup, the answer to your growing number of files stored on your computer is an online backup service that provides unlimited data capacity. Carbonite is just one of the few services in the market that offers this. More importantly. data security and protection is guaranteed at all times.

Which Carbonite Plan Is Right For You: Home or Business?

If you are not sure which plan is right for you, just click on the link below to see a detailed comparison of all Carbonite plans.

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Can’t Fail With Online Backup Solutions

online-backup-solutionsI learned a valuable lesson in life, one fateful day last summer. My long-awaited presentation did not go so well. It was intended for a resort owner and I wanted to impress upon him my very own outdoor furniture designs. Unfortunately, things did not turn out so well.

An Opportunity Loss

As an up and coming patio furniture designer, I was excited to land my first big client. An hour before my presentation I decided to sip some tea to settle my nerves. I had left my laptop in my car and had planned to get it soon as I finished my tea.

After I had my tea, I went back to the car park and found a handful of people peeking through my car window. To my shock, my car window was shattered open and my laptop was gone. My first thought was how was I supposed to do my presentation? It was due in half an hour and my laptop was gone!

After briefly reporting the incident to security officers, I went to the resort and tried to get another appointment. The owner was considerate and gave me another hour to get the backup of my presentation. But unfortunately, I didn’t have a backup of any of my laptop files. Sadly, that turned out to be an opportunity loss for me.

Lesson Learned

I learned a valuable lesson that day. That lesson was never to count on plan A alone. I learned that I should always have a plan B. In particular case, my plan B was literally to have a backup plan. This meant that I had to make sure all my files were backed up.

That fateful day taught me to never leave my office without a backup of all of my designs, files, and documents. I missed the opportunity of a lifetime only because I was not prepared for such a mishap like losing my laptop. It was then that I decided to search for various means of backing up my files.

Action Plan

I searched for all possible means to back up my files. I found several ways to store my data. There were a lot of external devices that could store all my files. They could store tons of files. But nonetheless, they could also be broken, lost, or even stolen. There had to be a better and more sensible choice. In this modern and fast evolving computer age, there had to be a better way to backup up all my files in my laptop.

My Choice

I eventually decided to sign up for an online backup service. According to what I had gathered, online backup was the choice of those that needed serious file protection and security. I also learned that an online backup account allowed the user unlimited storage space. Furthermore, all the computer files were protected in an offsite location. But the best part of having an online backup was that I could retrieve and restore any of my files from another computer or smart phone. So from another computer, I would just have to log into my online backup account and easily, I could restore all my files. It was that convenient and reliable. So if ever I lose my laptop again, I wouldn’t have to worry about my files.

Now I Have A Reliable Backup Plan

I lost a big opportunity that fateful day. But I did learn a valuable lesson. Since then, I have been using an online backup service that allows me to present my designs anytime and anywhere. I have gained the respect of my clients and they are impressed that I can make full presentations without a snag.

It really pays to have a reliable backup plan and this particular case, an online backup plan. There are less chances of failing with an online backup plan.