Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy tells you how we keep your personal information private. To simply state, we do not use or share any of your personal information. But since our website contains affiliate links we would like to make the following clear.

The Kind Of Information We Collect

First and foremost, we are able to collect your IP address. Soon as you land on our website, this piece of information is automatically collected from you. This happens every time you visit a website.

This is because websites use cookies to collect information from their visitors. The information that’s gathered from the cookies is used wisely. So gathering information from the cookies is not that bad at all nor is it illegal.

IP addresses are used by website owners to profile their visitors. This way, they can enhance their website, providing a better experience for all their visitors. However, an IP address can be probed into if there’s a violation of the terms and conditions.

Secondly, we are able to collect your email address. Each time you post a comment, we gather your name and email address. Your IP address also shows up so we know where the comment is coming from.

How We Handle The Information We Collect

Whatever we are able to collect here, we make sure to protect it. We only use your IP address to check out the following information:

• The search engine you used;
• The number of times you visited our website;
• The pages you visited;
• The keyword you used; and
• Your location.

As for your email address, we do not use that at all. So everything that we are able to collect here are not shared with any website or company.

Should you click on our affiliate links, you will be taken to another website. Whatever information you share on that website cannot be accessed by our website.

So that’s how we keep your personal information private.